Ingestion of Content ≠ Digestion of Content.
Employees need context behind industry news & information.
Provide the business-relevant context to new information shared internally.

Employees are inundated with content.
Highlight and annotate the key nuggets of wisdom and how it's relevant to your team.

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Employee Engagement

Employees need access to their organization's thought-leaders. Consistent access is an engagement driver and a culture builder for employees who seek to learn from and interact with the organization's leaders.

Knowledge Management

Employees spend an average of 1 full work week per year on reading industry related articles. Organizations fail to capture this knowledge and provide an on-going, searchable brain-trust of Intellectual Property for the organization for the years to come.

Internal Communications

Organizations need to measure and track how content is shared internally. Identify the thought-leaders and amplify the voices of the future leaders. These data-driven insights are critical for internal communication strategies.

How Pintellect Works

The browser extension scrapes an article's contents and opens it within Pintellect.

In a new tab, make highlights and annotations to the article that allow the key nuggets of wisdom to be visible to your organization. Interact with those insights by up-voting, pinning, and contributing to the conversation.

Discover content from Pintellect through your organization's existing enterprise tools and routines.

Launching new platforms within an enterprise is daunting. Pintellect focuses on integrating with the existing, best-in-class systems that an organization is already familiar with.

Maintain a secure database of captured Intellectual Property, hosted on your servers.

Discussions, highlights and annotations are captured with their own unique (and searchable) docket number, associated to the key influencers and ranked by popularity and subject. Allow future leaders to access these captured insights as part of the organization's IP value chain.