Security at Pintellect

Your privacy and the protection of your data is our top concern. We strive for transparency with our customers and to make the security of your data an ever-evolving, collaborative process.

Network and Application Security Features

Cloud Hosting

Pintellect's data and services are hosted with trusted Amazon Web Services (AWS) in US facilities, spread across multiple availability zones to ensure reliability and disaster recoverability.

Permissions and Access to Data

Access to customer data is limited to authorized employees whose job functions require it. Additionally, 2FA and strong password policies on all tools used internally are strictly implemented for all Pintellect employees to ensure third-party access to these cloud services are protected.

SSL and Encryption 

Pintellect uses SSL certificates to ensure security and uses Secure AWS Infrastructure to store data.

Product Security Features

User Authentication

Pintellect uses OAuth 2.0 with Slack as the provider.

Permissions and Authentication 

Pintellect allows users to minimize the number of permissions required based on the features they wish to enable.

Additional Security Features

Internal Security Policies 

PIntellect has a set of comprehensive security and awareness policies that cover a wide range of topics. These policies are updated as necessary and shared with all employees.


All employee contracts include a confidentiality agreement contingent on acceptance of employment.

 PCI Compliance

All payments to Pintellect are processed through our partner, Stripe. To learn more about their security setup and PCI compliance, you can visit Stripe's security page.